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CM Enforcement can operate anywhere in the UK. CM Enforcement can put in place an Anpr enforcement scheme to generate reveue on your land.

Parking enforcement is the best solution to eliminate illegal parking on your land. 

If a customer refuses to pay a PCN within 28 days, the amount due for the PCN will rise to £160. If payment is still not forthcoming after numerous postal requests for payments, then eventually CM Enforcement Ltd will initiate legal proceedings against the customer in the County Court with the application of a County Court Judgement.

A PCN can be issued 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, when a vehicle is contravening the parking regulations set out on CM Enforcement signs located around the site, including failure to Pay To Park online.

The self ticketing service is quite simple. CM Enforcement will install signs for you at your car park. We will hand you a batch of PCN's and PCN wallets, for you to carry out enforcement. After a PCN has been issued, a duplicate copy of the PCN and digital images of the contravention needs to be sent to a dedicated email address for processing on our PCN database. Self-Ticketers will be paid 33% of every paid PCN.

CM Enforcement offers a clear, comprehensive and professional parking solution to Landowners in the UK. We understand the needs of the client and work vigorously to provide a robust service that satisfies all of our stakeholders.


CM Enforcement Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales.

Company Registration Number: 11308690.

Information Commissioner's Office Number: ZA780767.